Hangsen - Iced USA Mix

Hangsen - Iced USA Mix

Iced USA Mix - Icy fresh chill , that leaves you with a cool refreshing feeling .

We make sure we only buy our E-juice directly from the best manufacturers. We make sure that the E-juice is all 100% safe, pure, certified, and complies with all the safety requirements necessary. We do this so that you won't have to.

Hangsen E-juice is the worlds biggest E-juice manufacturer - over 10 million customers in 35 countries. It was the first company in the world to make PG / VG E-liquid.

Hangsen nicotine is extracted from natural tobacco then purified unlike other manufacturers that use synthetic pharma grade. They use French flavouring and American propylene glycol.

All Hangsen E-juice complies with UK, European, USA, and Chinese safety requirements.

All bottles have childproof caps, tactile safety triangle and safety compliance labels.

a free CE4 clearomizer with every purchase of eight bottles of e-juice

Buy three or more bottles of e-juice (any combination) and get a 50 PENCE DISCOUNT on each bottle.

Buy any 8 bottles of e-juice (any combination) and get a FREE CE4 CLEAROMIZER in addition to your 50 pence per bottle discount.

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Special offer: 1+1=3
on CE4 and CE4+ Clearomizers!'
Buy 3 or more e-juices for 50p-per-bottle discount
Buy 8 or more e-juices for a Free CE4 Clearomizer, in addition to your 50p-per-bottle discount
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