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Electronic cigarettes are enjoying phenomenal growth as a healthier alternative to tobacco*

Why Smokers are Choosing Electronic Cigarettes

  • Healthier than tobacco
  • Socially acceptable
  • Legal in public places - no passive smoking problems
  • Replicates the smoking experience without the attendant health risks
  • Saves money

Why Smokers Are Buying From Us

  • As experts in a rapidly changing market we stock only the best quality branded products from reputable manufacturers
  • We offer great value for money backed up by fast and efficient customer service
  • We stock a wide variety of kits and e-juices

*Source: Wikipedia:
Electronic cigarette sales increased from 50,000 in 2008 to 3.5 million in 2012. As of 2011, in the United States, one in five adults who smoke have tried electronic cigarettes. In a UK survey conducted in 2013 of more than 12,000 adults, 11% of regular smokers in the sample identified themselves as using electronic cigarettes and 24% stated that they had used them in the past.

Electronic cigarettes are the healthier, more economical, and smarter alternative.